Evelyn Scott

What Ev Scott puts into her creations, with pleasure and love, is a piece of her heart and soul. She is a passionate 'Imagineer', 'Visioneer' and 'Experimenteer' - which technically means that she has "no idea how to read instructions or work with a pattern so I have to make up my own stuff" and her artistic talent is clear in whatever she tries!
Ev creates figurative sculpture from polymer clay, air dry clay, fiber, fabric, wood and pretty well everything else. She needlefelts and crazy quilts and loves to do any handstitching. She builds with wood and carves as well as doing mixed media collage. Among other titles, she also calls herself a "Bear Artist". Ev is a notable teacher and offers classes on various arts throughout the year at her ranch-style home, where she raises donkeys. She is perhaps best known for her intricate Santas with expressive, lifelike faces and twinkling eyes.

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