Roslyn Harrush

Roslyn Harrush was born in Montreal, Quebec. Her exuberance for living has led her to travel; spending long periods in the Middle East, South America, and Alberta. She now calls Stratford home. Roslyn's love of travel and multicultural experiences contribute to her eclectic style.
Roslyn's passion is painting. Watercolour, acrylics and oils used in combination and on their own ignite the endless possibilities within the artist. Roslyn's bold use of colour and texture creates unconventional and compelling pieces. She says:
"Nature plays an integral role in my art. Plants, flowers and birds are provocative elements. My mental and visual awarness come together creating a fusion of thoughts and ideas... The garden and its growth lead me through the life cycle of living things, its evolution and transformation guide me along the creative process."
Roslyn has participated in many show and sale events. Her works can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada. Roslyn is a member of Gallery 96 in Stratford.

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