Mary Lou Kingham

Mary Lou has taken courses in botanical and landscape watercolour painting for the last 4 years at Royal Botanical Gardens (Hamilton, ON) with Kathy Bourbonniere. She has painted with oils and acrylics in the past but finds that she enjoys working with watercolours at the present time, and specializes in botanical paintings.

She has donated miniature paintings to the Vine Art celebrations at Gallery 96 for the past 3 years and also donated paintings for silent auction with the Stratford Concert Choir (of which she is a part). She produces cards, some of which have been donated to the Holly Wreath Shop at St. James Church in November. She has submitted paintings to a juried show at Wellesley Art Round the Pond for the past 2 years and this past June participated with a booth at the show.

Some examples of her botanical watercolours:

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